About Me

Hi, I’m Alex!
The girl behind the camera.

I have always loved babies. I distinctly remember when my brother was born; I was eleven and from the moment I met him, I fell completely in love with him and all things baby. I was obsessed with Anne Geddes and was determined that I would be just like her and take photos of ALL THE BABIES! I was 12 the first time I said out loud that I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up.  

After high school, it was a natural fit to enroll in a college photography course. It was in that course that I learned the nuances and the technical side of the art of capturing life’s moments.  In my second year I had the amazing opportunity to photograph my first newborn. I fell in love, right then and there and I just knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life. 

So, how did I go from someone who wanted to be a photographer, to someone lucky enough to be living her passion full-time?  

Fast forward to 2013 when I began my journey as a nanny. Being surrounded by children and seeing the little things that make childhood magical ignited something in me. I think I really just began to understand the power of photographs. Capturing those fleeting moments was suddenly, incredibly important to me.  

As I watched “my littles” grow into amazing human beings, I found myself continually thinking: 

“How incredible would it be to have the power to remember every wonderful moment?” 

This question then became even more important to me than I thought possible; I became a mom. My beautiful daughter Layla came into my life and I understood on an even deeper level how profound life’s little moments can be. 

As parents, you know the moments I’m talking about. The ones where they’re curled up so perfectly asleep in your arms and you want to stop time. The ones where their mischievous smiles stretch slowly across their expressive faces. The ones where they suck their thumb while holding on to their favourite bunny’s tattered ear (this is a special one in our home). I could go on, and on about these amazing, simple, moments that weave together to make up this beautiful thing we call life. 

Top photos taken by Melissa Gauthier Photography.

Bottom photos taken by Allie Liko Photography.