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When do I book my newborn session?

The earlier the better! We only take a select number of due dates per month. To ensure we have space we recommend booking at least 6-8 weeks in advance.

How do you book a session if you don't know when baby will be born?

We don't set a session date until baby is born. We add your due date in our calendar and take in account baby can be born anywhere from 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after. Once you have had your baby, we ask you to email us within 48 hours to set a date for your session.

When and at what time do sessions take place?

Newborn sessions are done on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's at 9am or 1pm.

My spouse needs to work/my older kids have school, how can I make this work?

The great thing is we only need your spouse and older sibling(s) for approximately the first 20 minutes of your session. In fact we ask that you arrange to have a parent or another relative/friend take the older sibling(s) out of the studio once their part is done. With this in mind, your spouse can go back to work and older sibling(s) can be dropped off at school/daycare.

My toddler won't sit still EVER, how will you take photos of him/her with baby?

I've got you! Siblings are always welcomed, in fact we encourage it! I have lots of tricks and tons of experience with toddlers. In the event that older sibling REALLY has no interest, or it can pose a danger to the newborn, we opt for a composite photo.

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frequently asked questions


What age is best for a milestone session?

Portrait sessions are wonderful at any age! From 3 months to well into childhood, portrait sessions are the perfect opportunity to capture special milestones; such as baby's first smiles, sitting up all on their own, crawling, walking, birthday's and more.

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When and at what time do sessions take place?

Portrait, Tub & Cake Smash sessions are done on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's between 9am and 2pm.

How long is a milestone session?

Milestone sessions are approximately 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Most little ones have a very short attention span and usually want to explore elsewhere after the first 15 minutes, this is why I try to work quickly and efficiently while keeping them engaged.

Do you provide outfits?

I have a few outfits in studio that you can use for your milestone session. I ask that before your session you coordinate with me which outfit you would like to use. That way if you are using one of the studio's I can ensure it is clean and available for you.

Do you include props? And why we don't use them.

My goal is to create classic and timeless images with your baby as the main focus. For this reason, the only props I use and provide are a few wooden toys and headbands. I highly recommend you trust my professional and creative vision. If you absolutely want to bring anything else, please be sure to let me know before your session.

Do you provide the cake for Cake Smashes?

Due to allergies and dietary restrictions, I do not provide the cake. I am happy to provide you with recommendations or a "DIY cake smash cake" guide (see next question for more information on the cake).

Can I make my own cake? And why you should.

Yes! Making your cake is the best option. Not only is it cost effective but you can also tailor it to your babies likes and dislikes. Most babies haven't had much sugar in their first year and won't eat much of a regular cake. You're not a good baker and you are worried it wont look good? It's okay! The cake will be smashed after approximately 2 images - plus your baby will out shine the cake. I have even made you a "DIY Cake Smash cake" guide and have cake pans you can borrow to make things super easy for you! I ask that the cake be peanut and nut free - due to my own allergies.

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frequently asked questions


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Why prioritize candid photography?

I love candid photography for so many reasons. Number one - it takes the pressure off of everyone, parents and children alike. It allows kids to be themselves and have fun. As well, it allows parents to be fully present and in the moment, rather than be focused on making their child force a smile. Candid photography really showcases your family in their true essence; in this time period of their life. I know, I know! You rather your child be smiling then have them sporting their stunned baby look or their forced cheese smile but in a few years when they are no longer making that face, you'll miss it and be glad I captured it. Plus I'm usually able to capture their authentic smiles once they've warmed up or we start playing.

When and what time are family sessions booked?

Family session's typically take place one weekend per month, with occasional availability for week day sessions. Family sessions are best done approximately 30 to 60 minutes before sunset or very early in the morning. Exact time varies based on the time of year. (To know why, see next question.)

Why we only shoot early morning or before sunset?

Good lighting is KEY for any great photograph. It sets the mood and tone and can enhance (or hinder) the overall look. The early morning and late evening sun (also known as Golden Hour) is low and soft. It is the most flattering light for portrait photography. We want to avoid shooting mid day as the sun is high and it can create harsh and unflattering shadows. I know babies and toddlers have schedules and bedtimes, however I can tell you that MOST children are more than okay with a later bedtime when doing something new and exciting, such as being outdoors.

If you offer candid photography, does that mean you won't pose us?

Not exactly! I definitely won't be asking you to "stand here, put your hand here and don't move". I will more so guide you into poses and give you prompts where you can interact with your family. For example: Everyone walk towards me while bumping hips trying to make the other person fall. Kids love this one and it always gives great genuine laughs and interactions. Or with everyone snuggled up on a blanket, I'll ask younger ones to check parents nose or smell their ear - this is another one that makes for some really cute moments.

My toddler won't sit still EVER, how will you take photos of him/her with baby?

I've got you! My favourite part about family sessions is capturing children as they are and that also means capturing them on the move! That said, I have lots of tricks and tons of experience keeping babies and toddlers engaged - not to worry! We just embrace it!

What happens if my child cries/is fussy?

Something I like to remind parents of is that their child is human! They have feelings and opinions just like anyone else. My main priority is to listen to those needs and keep them happy and having fun! I have seen tons of children throughout the years and can usually make friends with all their little personalities! Either way, we will embrace what they give us!

What is the difference between the Family Portrait and the Family Portrait Full Gallery?

The only difference is the amount of photos that you receive in the end. I introduced the full gallery package for those who have a hard time letting go of some of the photographs from their session. I also felt like the more I found my style in candid photography, the more I felt like each image needed to be included as each image lent so much to the story. In both cases, the session itself is the same. The selection package is great for families only wanting a few images or who may have a smaller budget.

Why I ask you NOT to hype up your kids for your family photos?

Ultimately, you know your child best and you know if they need to have time to prepare for a session however sometimes too much prep can put a lot of pressure on them. It's best to focus on the adventure and fun you will have as a family vs prepping them to look at the camera.

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frequently asked questions


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